Founded in 1986,  Zirconmania is a Wholesale Cubic Zirconia jewelry designer & manufacture renowned for its high quality Designer, Trend, Bridge and Better Wholesale Fashion jewelry. We exhibit at the following Trade Shows: 

NYNOW Gift Show

Trendz Show, Palm Beach Florida.

Fashion Market Northern California, San Mateo.

The Zirconite Collection: Is a high intensity super cut Cubic Zirconia and is designed, handcrafted and sold exclusively through Zirconmania worldwide. Look to us for Resort, Trend, Classic and Designer inspired Fashion Jewelry. The Diamond Veneer and Zirconmania Travel Fashion Jewelry brands are worn by the Savvy, Fashionable and Well to Do Worldly women for their high quality Look of Real and true value


 "I just received my two eternity bands- one diamond veneer and one with the white and yellow stones. THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! I love the sparkle and the absolute authentic diamond appearance. Thank you so much for all your help and assistance. This was what I wanted and could not find the quality in the marketplace. Great Job- I know that I will be a returning client."

Linda, NY 

 "First, I must say this is the greatest company to do business. I was impressed at the professional courtesy and help I was given and the respect for my needs and wants. I received the ring and was absolutely thrilled at the quality of the setting and the STONES ARE GORGEOUS!!! so diamond like you cannot tell the difference. I wear it with my designer engagement ring and it is stunning! I also ordered a white and canary eternity band just a gorgeous and I will be ordering more from Jacob!! Wonderful is all I can say= thank you ZIRCONMANIA!!"

Ellsworth, NY 

 The Diamond Veneer Collection: Was launched in Nov. 2008, and is another great Zirconmania new innovation, by harnessing the development of extreme properties of diamonds at a nano-scale and add tremendous value to gem materials such as cubic zirconia that have long been used as inexpensive alternative diamonds. The Diamond-Veneer is based on the Zirconite Cubic Zirconia man-made gem that cannot be visually distinguished from a real diamond and is manufactured using nano-crystalline diamond like coating technology.



Zirconmania has been selected for the 2013 Los Angeles Awards for Jewelers

2008 “Best of Local Business” Award in the Jewelers Category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).
Designed the "Swan Tiara” for the FOX Network Show.
Designed the "Paperclip Jewel" for the Miramax's "Paper Clip" the movie to benefit related charities.
Received the Accessories Magazine "Best of 2003": "Most sparkling use of slang Bling-Bling".
Designed the concept for the "Diamonds and the Beads" jewels for Sharona Jewels.

What is Zirconite Cubic zirconia?

Zirconite is a diamond simulate having optical characteristics that are very close to those of natural diamonds. It is crystal grown under tremendous heat of 5000F (the hardest steel melts at around 3000F) and was developed by the Russians for  use in their Laser programs.  It has a refractive index, dispersion and hardness so close to a diamond it is uncanny. Diamond, one of the hardest materials known to man is rated 10, lying at the  top of the hardness scale. The hardness of ZIRCONITE® cubic zirconia ranges between 9.0-9.1 while ordinary cubic zirconia ranges between 8.5-8.9.  Glass or sand is approximately 5-6, therefore dust and dirt will not scratch ZIRCONITE®.  Indeed, ZIRCONITE® cubic zirconia can scratch glass just like natural diamonds.  ZIRCONITE® is also tougher than sapphire, making ZIRCONITE® more chip resistant.

There are many grades of cubic zirconia from those with a  milky look to high intensity, custom cut, polished girdles with perfect facets, which look just like diamonds. Cubic zirconia gem cutting and polishing techniques vary widely around the world. Even if the raw materials used are exactly the same, the best quality faceting and polishing methods result in gems which have far more "life" and a crisper, cleaner appearance, proving that when it comes to ZIRCONITE® cubic zirconia,  the old maxim "you get what you pay for"  is absolutely true.

ZIRCONITE® weighs 65% more than a real diamond. Therefore, the only way to tell the difference between the two is by weighing the unset stone. Once it is set, it is impossible for even a jeweler to tell the difference.  A few years ago, ABCs 20/20 news team took a high intensity cubic zirconia stone, as well as a perfect $50,000,000 mined diamond to the New York  Diamond District. After careful examination of the two stones an expert claimed that they were both so perfect that they must both be counterfeit!

The only difference therefore between ZIRCONITE® and a  diamond lies in the price, and in the mind...