Dear Retail Executive:

If your store is in the Mid to High End Please read on...
Experiment with the Zirconite and the Sharona-Jewels Brands... FREE!

We are so confidant that you'll be thrilled with our jewelry collections, that we'll ship you  substantial amounts of jewelry your store can absorb (1,000-$5,000). Once you have experienced Zirconmania Brands performance, you will keep coming back for more. To dramatically improve your Bottom-line, call @ 800 858 6541. Or, just complete the 45 days Funds Hold Agreement with the amount you wish us to ship you; and start taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity!
This Experiment Program works like this: Either you or Zirconmania will select the goods for your store. You'll provide a Credit Card so we may "Authorize" the full amount for 45 days, while you are testing the line. You understand that this money does not leave your account. It's only On Hold. You will not be able to use these funds. However, your money will work for you at your store with one of the most sought after Bridge and Designer Jewelry Brands in the Country. After the 45 days have passed, you'll have two options:

1- Return everything. Or, the unsold goods. We'll than release the "Authorization" and only  charge the amount of goods you have sold or kept. You will owe nothing. Pure and simple!

2- You are happy with the performance of our Jewelry. You still may return jewelry not fit for your store for full Credit. We'll only charge your CC for the goods you have kept. After that, We'll charge your Credit Card once Goods are shipped. Please keep in mind that this Memo arrangement is offered ONLY one time.

"The Revolving Door": For our preferred Retail partners, and with their full consent; we usually send every 2-3 weeks New Arrivals and Best Sellers for the amount they specify. This way they are always updated without the need to travel. Once we'll receive Returns, they are Credited (Credit Memo). On the 25th day after each shipment; we charge the CC Minus the Credits (Returns). And so On. On this arrangement, they have the full privilege of returning unsold items (Trend, Fashion and Discontinued items excluded) no matter how long they kept it! This is practically a "Guaranteed Sales" Arrangement! However, Not “Memo” Anymore. You own the Goods, until you return it. Than, we’ll issue the “Credit Memo” to be reflected on your next shipment.

I am confidant of our success together and am looking forward to a long mutually profitable relationship with you.

Yaacov (Jacob) Hassidim

800 858 6541

* Available only to North American Buyers.