When you go to jeweler, you will be asked some kind of size of the ring that you want. If you come with your couple, doing everything together, then the ring size is not a problem anymore. However, if the you as man wants to give surprise for your girl then you need some measurement to make your ring perfectly fit the woman finger. Well, it may too far, then even you come to see the jeweler, you still neet to customize the ring to your own finger to make it comfortable and perfectly fit your finger. Therefore, to give you a way out, you need a ring size chart women to help you choose the best size of the ring.

There are several ring size chart women, if you think size in ring is a simple as the cloth size which only have 3 up to 6 sizes. Based on the diameter of the finger, the range of the ring is begin at 5 and maximumly at 13 so, its a bit more than usual clothes. The smalles finger is in diameter 15.7 mm and the widest one is approximately 22.2 mm. However, some other chart said that the range is only from 5 to 11. I guess you need to compare it by yourself. Because, basicly the size of the ring is same, it’s about the diameter of the finger.

The ring size women is actually not as simple as that. There is another important measurement that worth to look at. This is a carat or diamond measurement. We know that almost all of the engagement and wedding band are using a valuable stones, usually diamond as the centre of the ring. Therefore, it is so important to see how the diamond is measured so you will see exactly the value of the gemstones.Fro this ring size chart women, we can see that there are several sizes of the diamond. From the smallest unit is the 0.2 ct or about 1.7mm diamonds are usually used to be the decoration surround the ring, as the brilliant diamond that filled the space on the surround of the ring. The biggest one is the 7Ct of the 12mm in diameter diamond. Well, this version of size is quite interesting isn’t?